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Just in time for Summer: Top 10 Off-Leash Dog Parks


Does your dog want to go on a fun summer outing? Check out one of these Top 10 Off-Leash Dog Parks in Minnesota — Fido.com

  • Elm Creek Reserve Dog Park — Maple Grove
  • Bloomington Dog Park — Bloomington
  • Bryant Lake Regional Dog Park — Eden Prairie
  • Alimagnet Dog Park — Burnsville
  • Keene Creek Dog Park — Duluth
  • Battle Creek Regional Dog Park — St. Paul
  • Arlington Arkwright Dog Park — St. Paul
  • Woodview Dog Park — Roseville
  • Staring Lake Dog Park — Eden Prairie
  • Bassett Creek Dog Park - Crystal


Have fun & be safe! 


Summer Safety Tips for Pet Owners


Summer is a time for fun, relaxation, and outdoor activities. However, while we enjoy the warm weather, we need to take extra precautions to ensure our pets stay safe and healthy. Read on for valuable tips on keeping your pets safe during the summer months, addressing critical aspects such as hydration, anxiety from loud noises, increased activity levels, and encounters with wildlife.


Recognizing Signs of Fear in Pets During Summer Months


As pet owners, it's crucial to prioritize the mental and physical health of our beloved companions. One of the most common causes of stress in pets is summer thunderstorms and fireworks. During these events, pets exhibit various behaviors that indicate fear and stress.When experiencing a thunderstorm or fireworks, pets may pant excessively, bark or howl, tremble, hide, or even become destructive. These behaviors can be alarming and cause stress to both the pet and the owner.So what can you do to help alleviate your furry friend's stress during these situations?