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diffusersDo you or anyone you know use reed diffuser’s in their home and have small children or pets? As a veterinary technician I knew that various chemicals can be caustic to humans and animals. I came across this article posted by LoveCats World and realized that people need to see the dangers in this product.
An office cat named Dewey had knocked over a cinnamon reed diffuser and the staff had saw it right away and cleaned him up immediately. They thought that the oil had just stained his fur and didn’t see what was actually going on beneath the surface. The oil had caused chemical burns to Dewey’s belly and the inside of his back legs. The severity of the burns did not show up until about a week later.

This is Dewey while recovering. He had spent 5 days at a veterinary clinic and had to be put under anesthesia to ease his pain whilethe wounds were debrided and cleaned. Dewey will eventually recover completely but, what if he would have ingested the chemicals or if they would have spilled on his face. In that case Dewey might not have been so lucky.

The reed diffusers are beautiful accents to home décor but make sure they are not accessible to pets or children. Their safety comes first. Please share to your friends and family.


Credit given to lovecatsworld.com and snopes.com.