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Why are annual exams are so important?


Annual exams are critical to a pet's health. By catching treatable diseases early, as well as preventative care, you have a better chance of keeping your pet happy and healthy for as long as possible!


Why do dogs lick you?


It's a great question:  "Why does my dog lick me?".  Do you have a dog who shares this trait and wonder why he or she does it?  According to this article, there can be many reasons, including their natural instincts and even getting your attention!

Read this article to learn more!

Of course, should you happen to notice your pet repeatedly licking his or her paws, or developing a "hot spot", please give us a call or book an appointment.  Some licks are good (when your dog tries to get your attention to play with you!), and some may indicate skin or other issues.



Bulldog Owner?


Are you a bulldog owner?  If so, you know what a lovable and affectionate pet he is.  Understanding their temperaments and special care needs will not only help in keeping your bulldog healthy, but help enhance the bond you share.

From the wrinkles and snoring to their sensitive natures, they can be a humorous and smile-inducing member of your family!  Here's some photographic proof of their antics and characteristics that make them one of the most comical dog breeds out there!